Toronto-based Arnab Chakrabarty (b. 1980) spends his time exploring, creating and teaching classical North Indian Music on the sarod. In his early forties, he is one of the most sought after sarod musicians in the world today. As a propounder of the idea of ‘controlled virtuosity’, Chakrabarty has earned critical and popular acclaim as a thinking musician.

As a musician known both for his emotive virtuosity and cerebral approach, Chakrabarty admits that he does not so much believe in “simplifying music to cater to popular tastes” as much as he revels in “manipulating the operative rules of the ragas to create interesting expressions”. Making the “raga game” as accessible as possible, without compromising on the fundamentals, therefore, remains a vital and challenging aspect of Chakrabarty’s continuing musical quest." The Hindu


“We gratefully acknowledge the solid support that Arnab’s musical endeavours have always received from his large community of students, admirers and friends. The Raga Fellowship Foundation, Arnab’s nonprofit organisation is committed to serving the cause of classical Indian music as well as the musical community of the Greater Toronto region and North America.”