Rarely do master musicians of such caliber make themselves available to learners of all levels. Take advantage of Arnab ji’s efficient, rational teaching methods and immerse yourself in the joys of instrumental Hindustani music, online as well as in person.


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For a complete professional experience whilst booking a live performance of Indian classical instrumental music, you need look no further than Arnab Chakrabarty. Apart from first-rate performances, every logistical detail is thoughtfully executed and you are assured of full and fair cooperation.

For Press

We work closely with local, national and international media to ensure that Arnab’s work receives the attention it deserves. Feel free to get in touch for an interview. Music researchers are just as welcome to connect with our team.


We would like to acknowledge the solid support Arnab’s activities receive from his large community of students, as well as from The Raga Fellowship, the nonprofit organisation he and his team have set up to serve the cause of Indian classical music in the Greater Toronto Area as well as the rest of North America.