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Arnab’s highly rational and individualised teaching methods, both in person and online, are aimed at optimising efficiency, dexterity and clarity of musical skill and thought. Tailor made programs for all levels info@sarod.ca

Teaching Music Since 1999: A Journey of Passion and Dedication

From formal institutional settings to pioneering online tutelage, my musical journey spans over two decades. As a trailblazer in Indian classical music education, I embraced online teaching in 2007, connecting with students across the globe. My dedication to imparting knowledge extends to both online and in-person formats, nurturing talents and guiding them to success. Many accomplished sarod players owe their growth to my guidance, testament to my commitment and mentorship.

Fostering Excellence: A Guru-Disciple Bond Built on Trust

My teaching philosophy is rooted in deep respect for the tradition of Hindustani music. I believe in the transformative power of rigorous training, and my students reflect this commitment. The relationship between guru and disciple is built on trust and friendship, a unique connection forged through intense taleem. I understand the challenges of aspiring musicians, having navigated a similar path myself. Sharp ears and analytical skills acquired through my journey enable me to identify nuances that refine technique and artistry. My unwavering principles guide my teaching, ensuring an environment free of casualness and dedicated to genuine love for music.

Embracing Tradition in a Contemporary Context

Hindustani music is my lifeblood, and I extend my knowledge without bias to students from all backgrounds. My teaching transcends barriers of race, class, caste, gender, sexuality, and religion. I envision Indian classical music as a dynamic, secular, and evolving art form, rooted in tradition but unburdened by parochial identity politics. Commitment from both sides is essential for meaningful learning, mirroring the profound joy that raga music brings. If you share a genuine passion for Hindustani music and are willing to invest in your growth, I invite you to join me on this transformative journey.